• Job Context

    Jubina Recruitment is looking to employ a highly efficient kitchen porter to perform all washing, cleaning and basic meal preparation duties required in our kitchen. The kitchen porter's responsibilities include cutting and portioning meat, informing the supervisor when food supplies are low, and appropriately storing washed dishes, utensils, and cooking equipment. You should also be able to accurately measure ingredients as per the chef’s instructions. 


    To be successful as a kitchen porter, you should display excellent communication skills and be able to follow instructions. Ultimately, an exceptional kitchen porter should adhere to food health and safety regulations while carrying out all kitchen duties. 

  • Job Responsibility

    • Cleaning and sanitizing all meal preparation areas as well as kitchen walls, stoves, sinks, ovens, and grills. 

    • Sweeping and mopping all kitchen areas during shifts and at the end of shifts. 

    • Washing dirty dishes, cutting boards, utensils, and cooking equipment. 

    • Ensuring that food mixers, cookers, and other cooking equipment are in good working order. 

    • Receiving and unpacking all deliveries. 

    • Emptying, re-lining, and washing garbage cans as required. 

    • Ensuring that refrigerators, freezers, and storage areas are clean and well-organized. 

    • Assisting the Chef with basic food preparation, which includes washing, peeling, and cutting meal ingredients as per the Chef's instructions. 

  • Educational Requirement

    Working knowledge of food health and safety regulations. 

  • Experience Requirement

    • Proven experience assisting in commercial kitchen environments. 

    • The ability to work as part of a team. 

    • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment. 

    • The ability to stand for extended periods. 

    • Excellent time management skills. 

    • Effective communication skills. 

Dead Line Expired

Jobs Information

  • Company Name

    Jubina Limited
  • Job Position

    Kitchen Porter Job
  • Job Type

    full time
  • Salary

  • Job Location

  • Deadline

    30 Jun 2022