About Us

Jubina Recruitment (Jubina Limited) is staffing and talent agency that offers full-service staffing and placement services in Ireland. 

We assist nursing homes and hospital in the hiring process for positions mainly in nurses, healthcare assistants, social care staff, chefs, kitchen assistants, kitchen portals and house keepers.

With qualified and talented individuals, the company’s mission is to help the individual find the desired job and where they best fit to improve and provide a greater quality of life.

Our management team collaborates with local as well as international clients and operate across the following domains:
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Cleaning and Hygiene

Objectives and Goals:
To place the high caliber professionals at the right time is of paramount importance to our success rate. We often complement our core recruitment process with career advisory services as the cherry on top, to make your job search a bit easy and cater you with the insight and tips to find the right role for you in your desired company.

International Recruitment Agency

We are leading international recruitment agency, specialising in placing people around the world. We operate globally, placing physicians, nurses and allied health professionals.

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